A scintillating new take on mobile dating apps.

Let's end swipe fatigue together.

Okay, so you wouldn't be here if you loved your dating apps to death. We understand all too well. Most dating apps have delivered one of two experiences so far. Experience A: guys search for and message the hot women; women get inundated with messages, read a few of them, but can't possibly locate their dream hunks. Most drop out. Experience B: users must match before messaging. Guys say yes to everyone; women get inundated with potential matches. Every guy shown will be a match. Women still can't search through these hunks.

What to do? Enter Twinkle, the app that balances the mobile date search with decision economics. Each user has match points to play the match game. Sending an unrequited like creates a prospect for the recipient. The recipient will eventually see the prospect in the match game – knowing, of course, that a like will create a match! The recipient can also use Stars to connect with the prospect at any time before he or she appears in the game.

Users receive a free quota of points once a day. Users have several elements to use to shape their strategy to their own tastes, such as:

  • writing a shout when they like someone, which will be quite visible as they appear in the recipient's prospects
  • adding filters to narrow down their search, thus finding interesting users faster
  • buying more match points to continue playing the game

By placing a firm but not insurmountable limit to match searching every day, Twinkle prevents male match buildup. And of course, Twinkle works great for LGBT match finding too.


Ready? Set? Twinkle!

Need help?

The Twinkle app is full of resources. From the app launch, tap on the 'More' tab, then tap on 'Help & Information'. From here, you can access a form to contact us.

If you can't access the app right now, Contact us here. Note that if you used Sign in with Apple to create your account, you may need to give us additional information so that we can identify your account.